bluboho's co-founder is having a baby!

this mother's day at bluboho is going to be extra special. our co-founder, maggie, is expecting a baby! read below, as maggie opens up about her struggle with fertility, advice from her own mom and the inspiration behind this year's Mother's Day collection.

tell us about your fertility journey.

after spending so many years trying not to get pregnant, I was faced with the fact that I might not even be able to conceive. being confronted with fertility issues came as a shock, and with a whole host of emotions. it’s a scary and overwhelming place to be, and in the beginning it was challenging to figure out how to approach the situation.

it was an incredibly difficult thing to come to terms with: the idea that i might not be able to experience motherhood. my husband, drew, and i agreed to try for one, single round of ivf. if it worked, i’d be thrilled. if not, my team and bluboho are like my children and i would continue to nurture, develop and love them. 

how did you and drew work through it together?

as a couple, we talked a lot, about the scenarios and what we both wanted. that felt so good, therapeutic, supportive and loving. after spending so much of my life working hard for what I wanted, being faced with a challenge that was out of my hands, in many ways, was a new experience. having thought about it, felt all the things about it, and explored it over the last few years, I realized the power of surrendering and letting go. it has been a huge life lesson for me to let things unfold and not be attached to the outcome.

for months, drew would come with me to the clinic at 7 in the morning so that i could take blood tests, and would give me hormone injections. it was a full-time job on top of our full-time jobs. my body and mind were undergoing incredible stress. i would often come home and go straight to sleep.

after our first round, we’re now pregnant with our first child. we’re so incredibly grateful.


how has your experience impacted the way you view motherhood?

i know that every woman has her own journey and relationship with fertility, and motherhood. i have a deep respect and love for every woman who has been through pregnancy - whether it came easy or not.

what’s the greatest lesson you learned from your mama?

work hard. be nice. never quit.


what inspired this year’s mother’s day collection?

this year’s mother’s day collection is inspired by our journey with fertility, and the love and appreciation we have for all the mama’s - whether you’re a biological mother, a maternal figure in a loved one’s life or the creator of any sort of venture. motherhood extends beyond boundaries of giving birth, and encompasses. after having a design session brainstorm, drew came up with the idea of using the shape of a baby bump to represent these ideas. we loved it and ran with it! a bump: the beautiful, mesmerizing shape of a woman’s body when she is carrying a tiny miracle. the notion that you can birth a life, a feeling or an idea from within you is so powerful. and so, the whole collection is based around that visual.


Mother's Day 2019: MAY 12