beloved love: Laura and Warren

the happy couple at their west coast wedding

Laura and Warren recently tied the knot and we were lucky to learn a little bit more about their relationship, their wedding and their future aspirations together:

What is the most symbolic aspect of your beloved ring from bluboho? Why did you pick the ring that you chose?
(As a note, my engagement ring was actually a sweet heirloom from my great grandmother, who is also my namesake!) We chose to go with the Petal Ring for my wedding band because it complemented this very classic and elegant piece so well, while still feeling modern and personal. The Petal Ring feels so natural and handcrafted—it feels like I get to wear a piece of art that I know has had so much love poured into every detail. The deep blue sapphire reminds me of the depth of our love and the petals are a symbol of the unfolding adventure we are on together. 

blue sapphire petal ring by misa at bluboho

Tell us about your experience working with bluboho. What was the decision making process like?

Warren and I visited Bluboho three times before finally landing on the Petal Ring. The first time was back in 2017, when we simply walked in and browsed the wedding collection. This was one of the first times I saw this collection (although I have been visiting Bluboho for years!) And I was floored. The following March we made an appointment with the queen st. store manger and she gave us the full run down—truly star treatment. From the second we walked in the door, we felt so special. She made the experience feel so exciting rather than overwhelming, and I really trusted her to help me find something that represented us well. I left with some favourites but knew that I had some time to think about it. 
Back at our home in Vancouver, I was browsing the website and spotted the Petal Ring. I knew it instantly—sapphire, texture, and an arching shape. It was perfect. When we were back in Toronto that summer, we met with Sabina again and the decision was easy. Sabina and the other girls there teared up as we made the final decision and we were so touched. I felt that they were right there with me through it all. To top it off, they let me know that it would take a few weeks to have it made but that they would have my mom bring it out to me for the wedding later that summer. We headed to the cottage for the week, and much to my surprise, the girls had arranged to have it expedited! It was done before I got home and I got to bring it back with me to Vancouver. They included the sweetest note, and we were incredibly moved by their thoughtfulness and generosity. 

outdoor wedding with friends and family
Think back: how did you describe your partner to your best friend after you had your first date? 

Warren about Laura: A real babe. So interesting, unique, and optimistic, I have never met someone with such a beautiful smile and bounce in her step. 

Laura about Warren: The real deal. Warren is effortlessly magnetic and everyone wants to be around him. He instantly made me laugh and dream about what we could get up to together.

warren and Laura say their vows
Top city (or country) you have traveled together, and why? 

New York City. Laura grew up visiting the city, but we went together for Warren’s first time in 2015. The place is rich in history and entertainment and it fed us with such a sense of independence and connectedness. We love walking until we can’t anymore and getting lost on the train. Our eyes are wide with literal W-O-N-D-E-R as we find little treasures in every corner. We have such sweet memories there over many visits of meeting new friends, getting legally married (we low-key eloped at City Hall!), and waiting in a blizzard for Jimmy Fallon tickets.
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One thing you both have on you bucket lists? 

South America! We have a savings account titled ‘Patagonia’ that we have been contributing to for at least the past five years so that one day we can hike the mountain range there. We’re planning to go in April as a belated honeymoon and celebration for Laura finishing her most recent round of school. Our partnership was built on adventure and getting ourselves lost in new places, and we can’t wait to be back there together. 

bohemian farm wedding in British Columbia
If you could relive one moment of your wedding/engagement what moment would you chose? 

The celebration that unfolded after Warren popped the question was pretty amazing. We were traveling with our 10 closest friends to Ucluelet/Tofino for our annual Vancouver Island surf trip when it happened. They all got to experience the shear joy and surprise that Laura was feeling, since nobody but Warren knew. Each of them spontaneously took a moment to toast to our engagement, sharing a moment of gratitude, and we all danced into the late hours. It was as if we were married at that moment. 
At our wedding, there were two moments. The first was just minutes before we were going to walk in to our ceremony. We were with our photographers in a wooded area just next to our ceremony spot. We were completely hidden by the trees but could hear all our friends gathering and reuniting, as well as one of our closest friends, Kai, playing a string of songs for us. We both broke down in tears as we realized how special this day was, and how much love surrounded us in that moment. We slow danced in the trees, and took it all in. 
The second was the party. We absolutely love to dance and our friends know us incredibly well. After we wrapped up our thank you speech, we were pulled onto the dance floor and before you know it, everyone was surrounding us with a choreographed dance. While bounced between laughing and squealing. This was one of a million ways our friends have gone above and beyond to make us feel more loved, more special, and more celebrated. They made that day a dream and we are so lucky. 

outdoor farm wedding in British Columbia first dance
What was the best advice your parents gave you about relationships? 
Although our parents have given us so many important pieces of advice over the years, I think the best advice we ever received was from Warren, himself. After we got home from Tofino after getting engaged, I was in a spiral going over every detail—did we do it right? Do I even remember it? We didn’t even have a good photo of it happening! We sat in the car outside our apartment and Warren put his hand on my leg and said something to the effect of, “Everything that happened was perfect. And whatever happens next, however we decide to do this, will be perfect.” 
That saying was so central to how we went about planning our wedding and saying our vows. Since that day, it became a bit of a way of being for us. Whatever happens next, is perfect. 

dancing away at their west coast wedding
Was there a pivotal moment in your relationship that made you realize that this was the real thing?

Everyone was surprised at the wedding that Warren was very emotional, while I barely shed a tear. I was full of pure joy and elation that day. It’s become a bit of a joke between us, though that from the moment I saw Warren, I knew I wanted to spend my whole life with him. So in that, I’ve actually just had longer to process it all. His energy is truly so electric and a great match for mine. I knew instantly, I was with the man I’d always be with. It has been a true pleasure over the years, to watch him begin to realize what I knew from the first moment I saw him. We are two individuals who are simply, better together.
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