5 top tips for traveling in Tulum

travel tips for a ladies trip to Tulum Mexico
recently two of our production ladies, Marcia and Heather, went on a trip to Tulum together. here are a few of their top tricks: 

1. Listen to yourself.

What three items can you not travel without? 

i'm truly the biggest over packer, but if i can only pick three i would say: comfy socks, airpods and my phone. 

sunscreen, a notebook, and a camera... if I could have one more it would be a good book to read.
(the hotel we stayed at, the beach hotel Tulum was a dream come true)
the beach hotel tulum
Do you have any travel rituals? If so, what are they?

yes! when i leave the house to go to the airport and when i get on the airplane, i step out with my right foot first. it's something my parents always taught me to do, it's a superstition so i must do it.

when the plane takes off I always sit up with both my feet on the ground (the rest of the trip I'm most likely curled up in a ball), close my eyes and enjoy the moment. I adore the momentum of the plane, feeling the shift in altitude and knowing I'm going on a new adventure.
must see spots in Tulum
2. Check out these spots.

  • Origami Gelato: the gelato was to die for! you have to try the pistachio flavor
  • Nômade: we went for dinner one night and i honestly thought i was in a different universe. the atmosphere is something i've never experienced. also be sure to explore the resort, it is so beautiful! they have something called a gratitude tent and it took my breath away.
  • Gran Cenote: it's a beautiful crystal clear turquoise pool of water. just note that if you go into the cave part there will be bats flying around while you swim. you've been warned. 
  • Heartwood: every little thing about your experience makes an impact towards providing you with a perfect evening. from the warm smiles of the staff to the impeccable cleanliness of the outdoor restaurant and of course the incredibly delicious meals.
  • The little boutiques: walk the shops on the main street, take photos as you go, chat with fellow tourists and get to know some locals.
places to explore on your trip to Tulum
3. Roll with the punches.

What is a moment from your trip that stands out in your mind?

this is a funny moment that i think about every once and a while and just laugh. there was a guy who would walk along the beach with fresh fruit and coconuts and one day i decided to get a coconut because i haven't had one in years. the gentleman asked for payment in pesos but i only had amercian cash on me. i gave him $20 american (thinking he would give me change) but then he asked for another $10. he gave me about 5 pesos back and when he left heather and i both looked at eachother confused, and she goes "i think you just got ripped off" and we both laughed. he left a richer man and i enjoyed every last sip of that coconut.

my birthday actually took place while we were away on our tropical getaway. usually its important to me to spend my birthday with my family so I was a little apprehensive about being away from home or it. that being said, I had a truly beautiful day. Marcia had told all the staff about it being my birthday and they made me a little pretend cake out of towels, gave us champagne and later brought us a chocolate dessert. We spent the day in the sun and sand, went for a walk on the beach and had a sunset dinner at an outdoor restaurant by the ocean. most definitely one for the books. 
coconut on the beach
What did you learn on this trip?

that i need more of this. when i was younger i didn't really appreciate vacations as much as i do now and i didn't understand how important they are for your mind, body and spirit. i find that i usually put myself on the back burner but i need to make a better effort at carving time out for myself and making sure that i am going on vacations more often. i also learned that sometimes i need to hit the slow down button. i am always go, go, go! and tulum is a very relaxing and go with the flow place. i admired that no one was in a rush, no one was caught up in the hustle and bustle. everyone was at ease and they all seemed so happy.  mental note to myself, it's okay to slow down sometimes.  

i learned how utterly wonderful marcia is! we had only been working closely together for a short time before going away and I got to know her on a personal level. she is beautiful inside and out. her warm attitude and big smile draws everyone in. really... I've never had strangers approach us more and be so chatty. as a shy person that was mind blowing. i earned how lucky i am to know her and to work with her everyday. 
girls trip to Tulum
4. Make it count.

What is it about travel that makes it so special to you?

those moments of feeling like i'm in another world. i love being able to travel to different parts of the world and soaking up that places culture. from being able to enjoy the food, the people, the architecture, art and the style (i also love seeing what clothes and accessories each country has). i could get lost just exploring, i always feel so free and at ease when i'm away. it's so inspiring! 

this is going to sound dramatic, but I feel like traveling feeds my soul. a new landscape, or even a smaller change of scenery can make me feel refreshed in a way that is so special. it pushes me out of my comfort zone, inspires me, provides time to think big and crazy thoughts and always leaves me feeling like the best version of myself.
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