Botanical Love Story: What Do Humans and Mushrooms Have in Common?

Mushrooms have long been a source of mystery and fascination. Their ability to appear overnight seems almost magical. Yet science tells us that mushrooms and humans share key genetic traits that connect us. At Bluboho, our mushroom charm collection symbolizes the spiritual growth and connection between nature and humanity. Let's dive into what exactly humans and mushrooms have in common.

Sharing DNA

While mushrooms may look quite different than humans on the surface, we share more genetic traits with mushrooms than with plants. Studies have found that humans share about a quarter of their active genes with mushrooms. This is because mushrooms and humans evolved from ancestors engaged in multicellularity over a billion years ago. Mushrooms branched off on their evolutionary path but still retain genetic DNA remnants from our shared origins deep in time. On a molecular level, we indeed share a kinship with mushrooms.

Healing powers

Like humans, mushrooms have developed powerful medicinal properties. Many varieties, such as reishi, lion's mane, and chaga, are renowned adaptogens that can boost immunity, fight tumours, lower inflammation, and support brain health. Research is ongoing, but some studies have found mushrooms help alleviate conditions like anxiety, depression, and more. Their healing abilities come from unique protein complexes and polysaccharides interacting with human cells. As herbal remedies, mushrooms offer natural alternatives to support human wellness that work in synergy with our bodies.

Symbiotic relationship

Mushrooms form vital symbiotic relationships with plant roots through their mycelial networks. Via a process called mycorrhizal association, mushrooms trade nutrients with plants for carbohydrates. This subterranean web allows information and resources to flow between diverse species across vast underground territories. In a sense, mushrooms act as nature's internet. Our social bonds and communion with each other and the natural world mirror mushrooms' capacity to connect disparate life forms through cooperative networks. They demonstrate the power of symbiosis for mutual survival.

Spirituality and creativity

Many ancient cultures revered mushrooms for their psychedelic compounds and ability to induce dreamlike states conducive to spiritual exploration. Today, research on psilocybin and other hallucinogenic mushroom compounds shows promise for treating mental health issues and facilitating psychological growth. Used ceremonially with intention and integration, mushrooms can help people expand consciousness and work through emotional blocks. Their imaginative shapes and textures inspire creativity in art, design, folklore and more. Like humans, mushrooms possess an almost artistic, whimsical spirit.


Mushrooms break down waste materials through their enzymatic secretions and mycelial networks. This allows mushrooms to colonize and restore depleted soils, remediate pollution, break down plastics, and help curb climate change. Some farming varieties can quickly grow on agricultural byproducts rather than using fresh inputs. Mushrooms demonstrate sustainable solutions through balanced interchange with the environment, as humans aim to live more regeneratively. They show us a path of thriving within natural limits.

Our Mystic Mushroom Collection

With their mystical mycelial fibres linking all life, mushrooms were the perfect symbol for our charm collection, celebrating nature, spirituality and interconnectedness. Each mushroom charm is individually handcrafted and infused with healing intentions. Wear them to tap into mushrooms’ magic, gain insight, or commemorate personal growth. Their diminutive forms subtly remind us of our shared origin with fungi—and encourage cultivating wonder at this planet’s invisible threads binding all beings as one. Explore our collection and embark on your botanical love story today.