The Art of Healing Stones: Harness the Healing Properties of Gemstones

Gemstones have long been revered for their mystic healing energies and powers. Ancient cultures incorporated gemstones into amulets, talismans, and jewelry for millennia to enhance well-being. At Bluboho Refined Jewelry, gemologists have blended this ancient wisdom with contemporary design to create exquisite mood rings, necklaces, and stacks that channel the healing powers of stones. Let's explore how some of Bluboho's most popular gemstones can support your wellness journey.


Known as the "stone of courage," aquamarine crystals emanate a calm, cooling energy that soothes worry and anxiety. Featured in Bluboho's Aquamarine Manifestation Mood Ring, this light blue gemstone aids mental clarity and boosts self-confidence. Wearing aquamarine promotes bravery in facing life's challenges with optimism and grace.


Associated with the root chakra, ruby invigorates vitality and passion for life. Donned as a necklace or ring from Bluboho's Ruby Mood collection, this regal red gem energizes physical strength and grounding in challenging times. Ruby revives your zest while reminding you to engage your sensual existence fully.

Peach Moonstone

This delicately hued variety of moonstones evokes feminine nurturing and self-care. Featured in Bluboho's Peach Moonstone Mood Necklace, this soft pastel gemstone soothes stress, anger or harsh self-criticism. Its vibration nurtures unconditional love - for oneself and others. Peach moonstone embraces your inherent worth beyond external validation. Wearing this stone, particularly around the heart chakra, facilitates self-acceptance, emotional healing and compassionate communication.

Rose Quartz

This tender pink stone emblemizes unconditional love—for oneself and others. Bluboho's Rose Quartz Mood Ring channels rhodochrosite's soothing compassion to alleviate stress, depression, and anger. Its calming rays dissolve tensions within relationships and nurture self-acceptance.


With its mesmerizing flickers of opal-esque colour play, labradorite invites wonder and imagination. In addition to its multicoloured shimmer, which inspires flexibility of thought and broadened perspective, this intriguing stone stimulates abstract and expansive thinking. In Bluboho's Labradorite Mood Necklace and Mini Mood Ring, this enigmatic stone encourages an adaptable mindset to flow with life's ebb and changes instead of resisting them. Wearing a labradorite cultivates mental agility. It encourages taking risks and stepping outside ordinary perceptions to access shocks of insight.


Aligned with the lunar cycle, moonstone embodies feminine mysticism and inner reflection. It honours intuition, imagination, and the eternal divine feminine. Featured in the Moonstone Mood Necklace, this luminescent gem fosters emotional sensitivity, enhanced psychic visions, and balanced water retention in the body. Worn close to the heart or third-eye chakra, moonstone fosters emotional balance and supernatural wisdom. Calmly gaze within for clarity under the moonstone's spectral glow.


Associated with the root chakra, onyx is a powerful stone for grounding and overcoming challenges. Its dense crystalline bands impart strength, courage and personal boundaries. Found in Bluboho's Onyx Mood collection, this powerful gemstone banishes negative energies and unhealthy patterns. Wearing onyx cultivates inner resilience through times of transition or stress.

Spark Self-Discovery with Empowering Jewelry

Whether you seek fortitude, joy, insight, or inner peace, Bluboho's ethically sourced healing gemstone collections channel stones' ancient energies and mystic properties straight into your everyday wear. Immerse yourself in their transformative magic to awaken a wellness practice that radiates from the inside out. The light and wisdom of these healing gems will surely illuminate and support your journey.

Unlock the secrets within at Bluboho Refined Jewelry. Our ethically designed healing gem jewelry lines harness the vibrational energy of stones to bring enriched wellness from within. Whether you crave courage, creativity, or calm, discover how aquamarine, moonstone, labradorite, and more can cultivate the shift. Boost your power and potential through these intuitive adornments. Visit today to explore their enlightening collection, and start your journey now. Unleash your inner essence with their naturally radiant, healing jewelry.