bright star gift guide


bright star, would i were stedfast as thou art—

not in lone splendour hung aloft the night

and watching, with eternal lids apart,
like nature's patient, sleepless Eremite,

the moving waters at their priestlike task
of pure ablution round earth's human shores,

or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask

~ from Bright Star by John Keats

sirius, the brightest star of the night sky, can be observed with the naked eye from any part of planet earth. shining brighter than any other, it often flickers in a spectrum of colours, hanging low in the sky, stirring many to regard it as the rainbow star! We believe it speaks to love and guidance, forever bringing light to your world and inspiring you to seek the most of life.

for our own beloved bright stars, who sparkle with generosity and kindness, we've created a guide of meaningful holiday gifts in celebration of their radiance.

like a supernova star, love has the power to ignite our luminous existence, unleashing our greatest potential. allow love to free your brightest light with our astra diamond ring, an extraordinary version of our favourite supernova ring. made with a unique rose-cut white diamond, diamond melee and recycled 14k yellow gold, this dainty diamond ring is a unique, galaxy-inspired piece of jewelry.

our everyday little lovely heart necklace features a graceful heart made of 14k recycled gold, a heartfelt reminder of the endless love you give and receive. stack this beauty in honour of the way friendship and devotion gathers around those who live life with an open heart.

triggered when the trapped energy of a star ignites and bursts into light, a supernova casts forth a luminosity one billion times brighter than the sun. those who burn brightly will be drawn to our nova threader earrings, made of 14k recycled yellow gold with one 4mm rose-cut ethically sourced white diamond centre. gift your bright star this rare galaxy-inspired jewelry piece!

keys were seen as talismans of power and autonomy, worn by women in scandinavia in the middle ages. a meaningful gift of unique jewelry for those who revel in their worth, our avata key necklace is cast from an antique charm made of 14k recycled gold; a meaningful symbol of self-reliance and independence for those who know that they alone are the ones to unlock their freedom.

a trail of moonlight shimmers across the water's surface as the moon above twinkles in the night sky. like magic in the darkness, the sea and sky alight in a dance of luminosity and darkness with our moonglade ring. featuring a pave eternity band of 2mm rose-cut ethically sourced round white diamonds cast in 14k recycled gold, this is a perfect compliment to any rose-cut companion. shine on, always!

steadfast, binding and eternal, our bright stars cast their souls wide with open arms, radiating light. bestow them in a manner fit for the bold, bright stars they are!


this blog was written by Kathryn Daw