It’s Sagittarius Season!


the season of sagittarius anchors us as we delve deeper into the darkness that is late fall. the ninth astrological sign, sagittarius is home to the wanderers of the zodiac, represented by the centaur, a magical, mythical creature.


‘dream big and explore the world’, could be the mantra of most sagittarians! adventurous in spirit, forever aiming for the stars, in contemplation of what lies above and beyond, they launch their many quests like glowing arrows in pursuit of intellectual and spiritual achievements. As a fire sign, a Sagittarius needs to be in touch with the world, and experience as much of it as possible. Always inspiring to be in their presence, it's wise not to pin them down!


how best to celebrate and love your seeking sagittarian, beyond the gift of freedom? we’ve selected a few blu favourites for these genuine souls, who hold the purest of intentions and a fire within.




only when we ground our fears do our dreams take flight. the wings of pegasus have long served as a talisman inspiring the human spirit to embrace opportunity and allow hope to unfurl. our boundless pegasus wing ear crawler fans out across your ear, encouraging you to seize your dreams each day. cast in 14k recycled gold from hand carved wax, its organic texture bears the marks of the artisan who crafted it. a perfect emblem of archer-inspired jewelry!


a sacred and venerated amulet, the eye of protection is a talisman of your intuition and inner protection, empowering you to be your greatest champion. featuring an evil eye charm cast in 14k recycled yellow gold from a handmade wax carving, our eye of protection pendant necklace is a testament to the vision you have within.


love is the energy that endures beyond time and space. anchoring intentions and actions, a locked heart protects the power of your love forever. a special emblem crafted of solid 14k recycled yellow gold with unique detailing, our heart burst charm + infinite inseparable bracelet duo features one ethically sourced round brilliant cut white diamond and a bracelet length of 7". a most meaningful sagittarius gift!


one of nature’s most industrious creatures, the honeybee is a powerful symbol of prosperity and innovation. celebrate your beloved sagittarius with our honey bee ring; the perfect piece to mark new experiences and hard work paying off. it features a honeybee silhouette nestled between two wings of 14k recycled gold and a 2.5mm rose cut, ethically-sourced white diamond.


each day the beetle parts the hardened armour on its back to reveal incandescent wings, allowing it to take flight. able to both protect and liberate itself, the beetle has long been honoured as a symbol of existence and manifestation. our rebirth scarab pendant necklace features a handmade two-sided scarab charm in 14k recycled yellow gold and one brilliant white diamond; a perfect gift for your favourite freedom-celebrating sagittarius.


Free, free, set them free

Free, free, set them free

Free, free, set them free

Free, free, set them free


~ If You Love Somebody Set Them Free by Sting


this blog was written by Kathryn Daw