tender dreamer gift guide


dream sweet dreams for me,
dream sweet dreams for you.
good night,
good night, everybody,
everybody, everywhere,
good night.

- excerpt from good night by john lennon


our dreamer gently holds the yearnings of their soul, tenderly. honour your tender dreamer this holiday season with our sustainable gift guide of blu favourites, perfectly selected in celebration of those special souls who love to dream infinitely!

as a heartfelt nod to the spiritual and communal connections we dedicate ourselves to every day, the something blu ring creates a dreamscape of possibility. a landscape of blu ready to be explored, this meaningful holiday gift features seven ethically sourced blue and white sapphires of different shades elegantly clustered together in 14k recycled gold.

conjuring the serendipity, synchronicity and kismet of life, dreamers lead others to their own discoveries, inspiring faith in the infinite. derived from the latin term 'ceres', meaning to bring forth, create or thrive, our little crescent moon earrings represent all the promises yet to come in a new phase of life. we celebrate the moon, her cycles and her guidance during times of transition, honour the never-ending chance for us to grow as individuals and explore our full potential. this is an exquisite emblem of night sky jewelry.

unearthing wisdom within the kaleidoscope of consciousness, our dreamer grows an everlasting courage of possibility. made from 14k recycled yellow, or rose gold, and featuring a 14k gold heart shape charm, our little lovely gold bracelet is a heartfelt reminder of the endless love you give and receive. stack this dainty beauty in homage to the way friendship and devotion gathers around those who live life.

with an open heart. behold this sustainable gift of magic and meaning! the inseparable bonds held with the ones we love give us the strength to journey far from home, forever reminding us of who we are and whose love brought us here. handcrafted of 14k recycled yellow gold, our inseparable necklace honours the strength of your most precious connections. why not dedicate this unique gift to the person who holds a unified bond with your heart?

our polaris enamel pendant encourages a search to find our inner strength and true north within the eternal dancing movement of the cosmos. this flip pendant has a hand-enamelled 14k yellow gold face that spins to reveal two striking cosmic motifs. on one side, the north star is represented with a diamond while the ursa minor constellation is set within enchanting midnight blue enamel mimicking the night sky with a diamond. on the other side, an engraved compass - and guidance to your true north - is adorned with a diamond centre. a magical talisman of galaxy-inspired jewelry!

perceiving the promises afoot with positivity and deep reverence, our dreamer casts a wide gaze, revelling within this magical time of year. limitless possibilities unfold as our tender dreamer forever dreams, day and night, setting intentions for all that remains to be discovered and manifested in the months ahead.


this blog was written by Kathryn Daw