earth day is every day


this year we want to give our thanks to the earth for all it has given us, and recap some of our closely-held values. sustainability is at the heart of our ethos, and as a company we are committed to growing in our abilities to do more and do better for mother earth and all who live here.

don’t miss our recent podcast episode, where our founder maggie sits down with the founder and ceo of the detox market, romain gaillard. in their poignant and inspiring conversation, they discuss the importance of clean ingredients and our connections to nature. listen here.

taking action: for the months of april and may, we are planting a tree for every tree of life purchase. a tree-inspired piece for you to cherish, and a tree planted to give thanks to mama earth for all she’s given us.

jewelry of the earth:

Our jewelry is made of natural materials – it can be easy to forget, but it’s true— our pieces consist of completely natural materials of mother earth— solid gold, silver, and precious gemstones that combine to create a piece of nature’s wonder that we can treasure and pass down through generations.


ethically sourced, sustainably made:

We source our materials under stringent standards at every stage of production. we want to ensure that we can minimize impact, prevent harm, and do good for the earth. we work closely with our partners along the supply chain to maintain an ethical practice, from beginning to end. even our packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable, and sustainable!


locally made:
all of our jewelry is made at home in Canada—most of it right here in our bustling Toronto neighbourhood! the largest source of emissions for businesses is the transportation and procurement of their materials, which is why we’re proud to keep things as local as possible. Made in canada jewelry not only supports our local creative industries, but also drastically cuts the carbon footprint of our crafting process.


combating fast fashion: we’re big believers in buying less, and buying better— our heirloom-quality legacy pieces are made of 100%, solid, post-consumer recycled gold, so that they’ll remain treasured pieces in your collection and your lineage for generations to come. we offer repair and resize services to our customers, and we encourage practicing good wear and care to keep your pieces shining to their fullest potential.


earth day is every day.

we give thanks to the planet for giving us all we need to thrive, and we pledge to keep working to improve sustainability within our company and the wider communities we are a part of.