throwback thursday: integrating jewelry from your past into your present

along your jewelry journey, you may have accumulated a piece (or a few) with some personal or family history attached— something eclectic that has been in your jewelry box for years, or has simply been in the family for generations— pieces you may not reach for too often, but can’t bear to part with.

It's also likely that amongst your more recent finds, these pieces stand out with a style or accents that speak to a different era of fashion and style! 

we believe in marking moments in time with pieces that evoke memories and emotions— and with that— we believe that any stack can be made all the more beautiful by integrating pieces from our pasts! 

We’ve curated a few simple tips and tricks to seamlessly feature all your favorites, no matter what era they were created in.

Mixed metal stacking: maybe you wore exclusively silver in high school, and though you’ve graduated to wearing gold or rose gold later in life, you can’t bear to part with a sentimental silver piece or two. us too! we believe that “rules” around mixing metals were made to be broken, so experiment with adding a silver stacking ring or two into your gold ring stack, or warm up your cool silver collection with a little accent of gold. We love combining yellow gold, rose gold, and silver in varying ratios to create different eclectic looks.

Spotlight on statement pieces: If you find your heirloom statement rings seem out of place when stacked with your regular rotation, they can be used as an anchoring accent worn solo on one finger. find small similarities within your other stackers for fingers on either side of your statement piece (ie, similar stones, similar textures/detailing).

Build your basics: the foundation of a stellar jewelry collection is a selection of versatile “basic” pieces— items that can be worn in more than one way to create a variety of cohesive looks. this might include a vintage solid gold wedding band, or a few dainty stackers featuring an array of textures: by having intentionally pared-down pieces, you can integrate your ‘standout’ heirlooms with ease, knowing that their best features will be complemented by the everyday pieces you’ve invested in.

Get creative: think outside of the box, and you’ll find unique and inventive ways to breathe new life into the pieces gathering dust in your jewelry box.  perhaps that heirloom ring doesn’t fit your finger, but it could add a sentimental detail worn as a pendant on a longer chain and stacked with your regular rotation of necklaces. If you lost one out of a pair of earrings, the other can still add character as an asymmetrical detail on an upper lobe piercing. the possibilities are endless, and you have the opportunity to create new ways to enjoy old pieces— and create a new signature look unique to you.