february birthstone : amethyst

the february born shall find 

sincerity and peace of mind, 

freedom from passion and from care, 

if they, the amethyst will wear. 

~ excerpt from the Gregorian Birthstone Poems * 

february’s birthstone is the amethyst, a purple or violet quartz used as a gem. With  origins rooted in the greek word ‘amethystos’, which comes from ‘’ (a) meaning  ‘not’ and ‘μέθυστος’ (methustos) meaning intoxicated, it is a cherished gemstone  known for its exquisite purple tones - long associated as a colour of royalty. 

in ancient egypt, amethysts were used to make cameos, and represented the zodiac sign of the goat. since the goat was the natural enemy of the vineyard, it was thought  to be the antidote to wine; the greeks believed that if you drank from a cup made  entirely of amethyst, you would gain insight and clarity while remaining completely  sober! another greek legend says that Dionysus, the god of wine, wanted to chastise  man for overindulgence and mindless drinking. descending mount olympus, he  punished the first person he came upon, turning them into white quartz. realizing  she was a beautiful woman, dionysus began to cry tears of wine over her statue, colouring the stone purple. Her name was amethyst. 

today, amethysts are associated with traits of stability, courage and inner peace.  helping to promote self-control and strengthening emotional bonds, they can steady a restless mind, enhancing emotional and mental well-being. found the world over,  in a multitude of amazing shades, shapes and sizes, amethysts are often called upon  in celebration of a 7th and 16th anniversary. A most powerful and potent gemstone! 

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* The gregorian birthstone poems are often used to remember a person's birth month and associated  gemstone, detailing the meaning and characteristics attributed to each birthstone. these poems existed  as folklore before they were formalized as a collection published by tiffany and Co in 1870.