how to shop for an engagement ring


“love is like a friendship caught on fire. in the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. as love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable”
- Bruce Lee


buying an engagement ring is a deeply personal and momentous occasion. it takes a lot of thought and consideration, and at times can seem incredibly daunting, particularly if you are trying to consider too many opinions… but at the end of the day the only opinions that matter are yours and your partners!

our goal is to help make this process as easy and as beautiful as we possibly can!  to celebrate the launch of our antique diamond rings, and to get you excited for some of our new one of a kind rings that are on the horizon, we have decided to take a moment to chat through our tips and tricks when it comes to “how-to” shop for an engagement ring! 

our first step is to book an engagement ring consultation! these consultations can be booked at all three of our toronto-based locations, but can also be done with our teams virtually if you do not live in the city! these one-hour appointments are meant to give you the opportunity to see some of our rings up close and personal, but are also a great opportunity for you to ask all the questions! before your appointment, take a look at our website and make a list of a few of your favourite pieces and let us know your vision! be sure to consider the type of ring style you like in addition to the sort of lifestyle you live and how you plan to wear the ring. giving us a lot of information is always better than not enough!

next, when considering the type of rings you want to see and try on, pick a variety! try on different stone shapes, cuts and stone types… do you like oval, round or rectangular stones? are you looking for intense sparkle or a deep, rich colour? an ethically-sourced diamond or a Montana-mined sapphire? be thoughtful with what you know you like, but keep an open mind! try on a piece that isn’t necessarily your style. experiment with colours and textures. look at the rings in different lights to see how they will look in all settings! we want you to love your ring 24/7, not just when it’s under the spotlight!  at bluboho we strive to create unique pieces that are beautiful, yes, but that also tell a story… and these stories are crafted to help guide you to the perfect ring. we encourage you to read and connect with the story and meaning behind each ring, it may speak to you on a more intimate level than just the ring alone. 

once you find a ring, or a few, that stand out to you - stack them with some wedding bands! get an idea of what your options are. which bands do you love and do they pair well with the engagement rings you love? playing around with the pairings is a lot of fun and also makes it easier later on when it’s time to come back for a band!

finally, listen to your heart and trust that gut instinct! you’ll likely be able to tell which ring is “the ring”, the moment you start trying them on (or seeing them virtually) in the appointment! most of our rings are truly one of a kind… not only in the sense that they all have very unique characteristics, but also quite literally. there is only one made! keep this in mind when you are looking at particular pieces and when booking your consults. get in sooner rather than later, as you never know who else has their eye on these show-stopping rings!

these are all tips that we have gathered from our years of working with countless amazing couples, but whatever you do… remember one thing. have fun! this will be one of the most memorable moments of your life and we want you to look back on it with nothing but happiness, love and the feeling of serenity knowing that you made the right choice.