forever in love : antique diamond rings


“perhaps time’s definition of coal is the diamond.” 

~ khalil gibran 

love is an energy born of all the hearts that have come before our own; a legacy surging with hope, beating with devotion, and dreaming of everlasting love. the journey of love's reinvention and eternal passage is the inspiration behind our  forever in love collection featuring reclaimed diamonds. These handcrafted gold engagement rings have been set with a stunning antique diamond, each sparkling with its own history and origin story.  

drawing on a selection of old mine, old european and baguette-cut diamonds, these pieces embody stories of love and romance repurposed as contemporary one-of-a-kind  rings; the perfect mementos for marking your chapters of enduring love. 



antique diamonds are akin to holding a piece of history, as these stones are truly unique, uncommon, and one-of-a-kind. Before modern technology made its way into the diamond cutting process, diamonds were cut and measured by hand using the cutter’s eye to measure accuracy and symmetry. this reliance on human skill and intuition created a beautiful, organic look with all the imperfections and character that only something made by hand can possess. and like a fine wine, antique diamonds are given a ‘vintage’ denoting the era from which they were cut and polished. 

for the conscious and discerning consumer, antique diamonds are environmentally friendly; having already been mined, they bear a lower impact on the environment than new diamonds. And they are increasingly rare, as over the decades many old  European cut diamonds have been recut into modern shapes, thus limiting the number of stones left on the market. 


the old european cut is one of the most popular shapes, combining the soft, classic look of antique diamonds with several key characteristics of the modern cut.  aesthetically, the old european cut is quite like the round brilliant cut; both diamond cuts are round and have 58 facets with imperfect symmetry. in fact, an old  european cut diamond looks almost like a softer version of the modern round brilliant cut with softness and “inner fire” that you don’t often see in the latter. So, if you’re looking for an antique diamond that bridges the gap between the classic and today’s more modern diamond shapes, the old european cut is worth considering. 


actually, old european cut diamonds are often compared to another antique diamond cut – the old mine cut. both have a soft, beautiful antique appearance,  albeit with a few key differences. the old mine cut predates the old european cut by more than 100 years, and has a squarish shape with curved edges that looks like a  modern cushion cut diamond. because of its large facets, an old mine cut diamond may display larger and more striking colour, and may also show a different contrast pattern than other diamond cuts. 



inspired by love’s enduring legacy, the handcrafted gold engagement rings of our  forever in love repurposed diamond collection have been reimagined as a  stunning modern heirloom, each set with a stunning and rare antique diamond. a sneak peek at a couple of our current favorites - a new ring symbolizing your never-ending love story … 



how natural and effortless it is to feel so deeply, madly, and undeniably in love with another soul! defying the odds with an enduring and steadfast bond, mark each curve in your road's journey with our without end ring, a modern heirloom of exquisite beauty. each features a unique wave band adorned with a diamond pavé to half eternity and an antique old european cut diamond cradled within the sparkling curve, held in recycled 14k yellow gold claw prongs.   




what you share is no fairy tale because fairy tales finish with ‘the end’. what you share is something greater, something that exists beyond the final page. with each new day, your love grows stronger, turning each end into a new beginning.  here's to a legacy of infinite love! our lasting love ring is the perfect memento to signal a new chapter. featuring a repurposed center diamond, we’ve hand-selected this antique baguette diamond to sit at the design’s center, flanked by two pear diamond sides and set in recycled 14k yellow gold. 



‘i will love you again and again, in the way that lovers have since the day the sun  first rose on a romance as true as ours.’ celebrate your eternal bond with our ad infinitum ring, an antique diamond ring of legacy and luster. shining with timeless light and representing your never-ending love, it features a reclaimed baguette antique cut center diamond, resting atop a half eternity band of baguette and brilliant diamond pavé. all set in 14k recycled yellow gold.