introducing: amulets


for many, autumn is about settling down in a quiet place to reflect on personal achievements, how we’ve grown over the year, the legacy we’ve left behind and the histories we continue to build for ourselves.

it’s the perfect time of year to introduce our new ancient amulets collection. this collection draws inspiration from the endurance of the human spirit, as told through the talismans and tokens we have used for millennia to tell our stories and mark the history of the human spirit.

each of the handmade gold pieces in our ancient amulets collection was carefully designed to honour changes in life, hard won achievements, new opportunities, and as a way to celebrate your unique self.

ancient inspiration: notes from our designer

for millennia people have used jewelry to pass on knowledge, wisdom, and strength which defines our humanity and allows us to become the unique souls we are. this is the inspiration behind this collection, and we spoke with our designer to gain more insight into how these precious pieces came into being.

what was the initial sentiment behind the ancient amulets collection?

we wanted to create talismans to carry with us through our lifetime and individual journey. they honour our personal histories as well as act as tiny reminders of the strength and possibility we have inside each of us.

what was the design process like?

we were so excited to incorporate original source research into this collection. every texture, finish, and gemstone we have in the collection was inspired by ancient architecture and art objects that we engaged with during the planning phases of the collection.

where did you research and pull inspiration?

we looked at museum catalogues and archives to contextualize and historicize the broken coins, objet d’art, and ancient jewelry we were studying. there were some particular jewelry pieces at the metropolitan museum of art that were sources of great inspiration and ended up being the seeds from which the collection grew.

if you had to pick a favourite, what would it be?

any of the boundless pegasus pieces (necklace, bracelet, ear crawler). they represent endless possibilities and the sentiment “only when we ground our fears are our intentions able to take flight”, which i love along with their statement look. but I also have the rebirth scarab ring on the top of my ring stack and it reminds me of constant change and rebirth in life, so I love that piece too.

what do you want people to feel when they’re wearing these pieces?

that they are holding something special with meaning close to their hearts. that they are connected to their own personal history and life lessons as well as humanity and that they are holding a piece that will tell a story for generations to come.


rebirth scarab charm ring - renewal + new beginning

seen as a symbol of renewal, our rebirth scarab charm ring is a talisman of new beginnings, designed to mark your embarkation on a new life journey.

rebirth scarab pendant necklace

each day the beetle parts the hardened armour on its back to reveal incandescent wings that allow it to take flight. able to both protect and liberate itself, the beetle has been honoured as a symbol of existence and manifestation for millennia through the scarab amulet.


rebirth multi scarab necklace

each scarab on this charm necklace represents a moment when we have experienced a rebirth that has ushered in a new chapter of our ever evolving life. they are a reminder that we will continue to be reborn and experience new beginnings at every stage of our journey.


rebirth scarab bracelet

steadfast in its armour yet gifted with graceful wings, beetles have a spirit of determination that finds resonance within the strength of the human spirit—celebrate their resilience and yours with this dainty gold beetle bracelet.

rebirth scarab stud earring

in ancient times, people would carry scarab ‘wish’ amulets inscribed with prayers, hopes, and dreams for the future—a legacy which we honour and celebrate with our rebirth scarab stud earring.


boundless pegasus wing ear crawler

the wings of the pegasus have long served as a talisman to inspire the human spirit to embrace opportunity and let hope unfurl. our boundless pegasus wing ear crawler fans out across your ear, encouraging you to seize your dreams each day.


boundless pegasus medallion pendant necklace matte finish coin

the winged horse pegasus is a symbol of limitless possibilities and bravery in the face of opportunity. our boundless pegasus medallion pendant necklace is the perfect talisman to inspire you to explore without limits each day.

boundless pegasus medallion bracelet

adventure is created whenever we think about the impossible and dare ourselves to go out and find it. this pegasus medallion bracelet embodies the freedom that courage brings.

eye of protection plate pendant necklace

a sacred and venerated amulet, the eye of protection is a talisman of your inner protection and the key to your intuition. our favourite evil eye gold necklace is a testament to the vision you have within that guides you on each day of life’s journey.

restoration chain huggie earring

our restoration chain huggie earring is inspired by the marble arches of ancient wonders, symbolizing the importance of restoration, renewal and change in our everyday lives.

castanet pearl earring

in ancient rome, women would wear earrings with dangling pearls that would rattle and chime against each other as they walked down grand marble streets. our castanet pearl earring pays homage to the art of humanity and features two dangling freshwater pearls that attach to a bar of hammered gold in a matte finish.

autumn is a time to revisit old and familiar things that connect us with who we are: whether that be sitting in front of the hearth of a well-worn fireplace, or coming together to cook old family recipes on thanksgiving. there are so many ways we tell our human stories, yet jewelry is one of the most enduring. we hope you find connection with this special collection and that these handmade amulets and talismans inspire you to find your own unique voice within the rich tapestry of love and bravery written across history.