it's scorpio season

the sun's light retreats and the darkness of night eclipses day. as the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac, corresponding with the middle of autumn in the northern hemisphere, the season of scorpio signals our decent into the darker months of the year. during this time, many cultures honour themes of rebirth such as el dia de los muertos and halloween mirroring a scorpio's tendency towards inward reflection, transformation and renewal.


ruled by pluto, a questioning, philosophical and independent planet that illuminates the deepest parts of the human soul, scorpios gather strength from emotional and psychic realms. diving fearlessly into beginnings and endings, they love harder and fight longer than any other astrological sign. supported by their powerful sense of intuition, those born under this sign remain curious beings, possessing a true knack for unearthing the mysteries within.


revered as a sacred creature for thousands of years, the tiny yet strong scarab beetle has transcended its physical characteristics to reach spheres of symbolism and spirituality. exquisitely entwined with traits of renewal, strength, resourcefulness, creativity, and connection to the spiritual world, our rebirth scarab charm ring is a talisman of new beginnings. designed to mark your embarkation on a new life journey, this thin recycled gold ring adds texture to your stack. featuring diamonds on the band and a small hanging charm set with a diamond, our rebirth scarab charm ring flips and sparkles with your natural movement.


how to gift your singular scorpio? our scorpio season guide features our rebirth scarab charm ring, a symbol of renewal and transformation, along with many offerings to celebrate your special scorpio with love and adoration. 


this blog was written by Kathryn Daw