the 5 steps to cleaning your diamond and sapphire rings at home

ever find yourself searching for canadian made engagement rings but are unsure of how to keep your diamond and sapphire rings sparkling the way they deserve? bluboho carries an array of unique engagement rings and gemstone rings, making us the expert in how to clean your rings at home. and you know we care deeply for the earth, so it’s important to remember to store your rings properly post clean using our reusable packaging. our artisan engagement rings are best stored in your bluboho jewelry pouch and safely stowed away.

make a tiny bubble bath using an earth friendly detergent by mixing two drops of soap in a small dish with lukewarm water.


let those rings bask in the bubbles for 15 minutes. while you wait, it’s the perfect time to explore our artisan engagement rings online.


give your ring a light scrub with a soft bristle brush.


rinse your rings well in water.


pat dry and voila! shine bright like a diamond.


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