let's get moody

introducing our gemstone mood rings

In the colorful tapestry of the 1960s and 70s, the mood ring emerged as a bohemian gem, capturing the spirit of a counterculture era defined by self-expression and self-discovery. This enigmatic ring translates to the wearer's emotions, adorning the fingers of free-spirited individuals who embraced the beautiful chaos of their inner landscapes. A conversation starter and symbol of a bygone time, the mood ring was a declaration of emotional vulnerability, inviting the world to share in the wearer's ever-shifting feelings and reflect the belief that emotions are as fluid and ever-changing as the tides, encouraging a life of self-expression and free-spirited individualism.

featuring a variety of hand-cut free form natural gemstones some with and without shinning round brilliant diamonds!

skillfully shaped from an original wax hand carving, this exquisite piece boasts an ethereal gemstone of your choosing nestled in 14K recycled yellow gold. with its one-of-a-kind, hand-cut, free-form gemstone, our mood rings empower you to craft and shape your own emotional experience, allowing you to be the master of your inner landscape.


Shop by meaning:

green aventurine:  balanced | calm | prosperous 

moonstone:  positive | clear-minded | receptive

amethyst:  courageous | imaginative | intuitive

labradorite:  grounded  | confident | in-tune

black onyx:  resilient | adventurous | empowered 

apatite:  inspired | mindful | limitless


please note:

*full sizes 5 - 9 in stock, half and quarter sizes available by special order

*hand carved natural gemstone may vary from the image in color

these are hand carved natural gemstones may vary from the image in color and faceting. moonstone are a softer stone than our usual gemstones and must be worn with additional care; don't let your special moonstone pieces come in contact with any water, creams or aerosols. half and quarter sizes are available by special order. reach out to guestexperience@bluboho.com to find out more.