meet the love songs collection

love songs draws its inspiration from some of the most iconic love songs and lyrics ever written. each one-of-a-kind ring resonates with the timeless melodies of love, offering a sentimental song to mark your unique love story.


meet: the 'you are the sunshine of my life' engagement ring

You are the sunshine of my life, the embodiment of love's timeless melody, is a radiant engagement ring designed to capture the heart's most beautiful tune. it is a reminder of the beautiful, harmonious love song that will resonate in their heart forever, a testament to the enduring melody of your love story.

You are the sunshine of my life, one-of-a-kind ring features a dazzling, sun-kissed celadon green and sky blue sapphire, symbolizing the warmth and joy that love brings. surrounded by glistening pear and round brilliant white diamonds that mimic the sun’s rays, this ring harmoniously weaves love’s harmony into your unique love story.



meet: the 'amazed' ring

amazed takes its inspiration from a soul-stirring love that captures the profound wonder of love. at its heart, a mesmerizing, montana sky and royal blue radiant sapphire shines, embodying the awe and amazement that love can bring into our lives.  the captivating moments that leave us breathless and in utter amazement.

amazed is a reminder of the extraordinary, heart-pounding moments of love that will forever fill your life with wonder and amazement, just like the love song that inspired it. highlighted by three rose cut diamonds each side of the band in a tapered sequence, the ring's design mirrors the intricate and intertwining journey of love, marked by surprises, passion, and the beautiful connections that leave us continually amazed.

we also made you a playlist of all of our most iconic love songs!


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