sounds a lot like love

​​Love songs hold a special place in the realm of weddings, as they beautifully encapsulate the profound emotions and sentiments that bind two souls together on their special day. Songs created through love, heartbreak, and beyond, are so often the melodic backdrop to a couple's journey into matrimony. They serve as a powerful expression of love, resonating with the timeless melodies of romance and devotion. Love songs, carefully chosen for a wedding, mirror the unique love story of the couple, providing a sentimental soundtrack to their nuptials. These songs, so specially chosen by the individuals in love are often what set the tone for the rest of their lives together. A tie to the most special event in their romantic journey. As couples exchange vows, and share their first dance dances these songs serve as a testament to their love, adding a touch of magic to an already enchanting day.

Our newest  collection love songs draws its inspiration from some of the most iconic love songs and lyrics ever written. each one-of-a-kind ring resonates with the timeless melodies of love, offering a sentimental song to mark your unique love story.

Today we are inspired by the testament of love that the ‘perfect’ ring exudes; celebrating the beautiful moment in which you just know that you have found your human. a love that is like no other, and deserves a lifelong devotion.  at its core, a brilliant and exquisitely unique montana sapphire is nestled, symbolizing the rare and genuine connection that defines a love story. it mirrors the imperfect, yet extraordinary, path that love often takes.

just as the love song touches the heart with its sincere emotions, this ring will forever touch the soul with the authenticity of your love story.  asymmetrical diamond clusters surround the centre stone with a tapered baguette, pear and round brilliant on one side, pear and round brilliant on the other.