the moon made me do it: meet the moonlight

launched in the wake of Full moon on the 27th of october, we thank the moon and the stars for their guiding light.

the crescent moon embodies transformation and new beginnings, giving us the promise of a brighter, renewed self. the moonlight crescent necklace is a bold statement necklace to mark your new beginning. adorned with a 3 mm rose cut diamond, surrounded by 40 round brilliant diamonds expertly pave set in 14k recycled yellow gold. the bold, statement necklace sparkles with luminescence, reminiscent of the moon’s glow while it serves as a talisman, igniting a journey of self-improvement.

The moon's transformation from a sliver of light to a full, glowing orb is a symbol of personal growth and transformation. Incorporate elements in your space that reflect this idea, like mirrors with moon-shaped frames or artwork showing the moon's transition from new to full.

its the time for embracing the celestial and natural world in conjunction with one another. The moon is often seen as a symbol of the divine feminine and a connection to the cosmos. we believe by that by wearing pieces like our moonlight crescent necklaces; a piece that embodies these beliefes like crescent moon you can create a sense of celestial connection.