Maggie's Holiday Note

hello, welcome to bluboho! my name is maggie - co-founder + owner… i don’t normally make appearances around here, but this is a big year for us. i just realized that this year marks our 10th holiday season at bluboho. 10 years feels like an eternity, and also like a flash all at once. it’s been a decade filled with all of the emotions you can imagine - good times and bad, celebratory times, and moments filled with challenge. but mostly it’s been a decade filled with creating and marking beautiful moments with you. and of moments spent laughing, crying, hugging, and sharing with you. i can’t imaging a my life without the enrichment of each of you that have been a part of this journey.


this really is my favourite time of the year. the stores are bustling with excitement and lots of our beautiful regular guests come to visit, as well as a ton of new faces. our social media channels are flush with tags of glorious people wearing our pieces, and so many lovely messages. i just wanted to thank every soul that has graced us with their presence, love, support, and input on how we can be better this year, and every year before that. we are in deep gratitude for each of you. thank you for making our dreams come true every day. thank you for challenging us to be better for you. and thank you for choosing bluboho. i would also like to thank our incredible team who work so hard every single day to make the magic happen in our stores and online!


we see you. we love you. and we hope that this season is filled with as much joy + light as possible.


xx maggie


ps. a huge shout out to our beautiful friend @christineflynn for this photo. we adore you.