Sapphire colour scale

Oftentimes the things we cherish the most in our lives are also the hardest to put into words. How can we fully describe the feeling of being embraced? Or how could you convey the feeling of exhilaration that washes over you when looking out at the sun setting on the sea? Similarly, words have often failed to describe the full spectrum of colour and light captured in a natural, one of a kind sapphire. 

In a small attempt to overcome the limitations of language, the bluboho team have
crafted our own unique colour scale that we use to describe the colour of the sapphires that mama earth has provided us. 


When picking out that perfect forever stone, we’ve found it’s useful to describe the
intersection of two colours. That’s why we’ve come to adore the sapphire used in the Elora ring because it’s not just a blue sapphire. It’s dewy and glowing hues have a unique primary colour of sky alongside a hint of silver. 

We love getting acquainted with our stones like this, and it helps us understand that
each and every sapphire is one of a kind. Just like the bonds of love we hold in our
heart, no gem is like another and there is no replacing them and their splendour. When it comes to sapphires, you can’t replicate nature’s beauty; it’s just how the earth cooked them.

Sapphires also come in bi-colours. An incredibly rare type of sapphire, these jewels
have two distinct colours that reflect together to create an unforgettable kaleidoscope of light. When we saw the combination of sky and lavender in one such bi-colour sapphire, we knew we needed it for our one of a kind Starlight Reverie Ring. Alongside its spectrum of colour, we chose this stone (along with so many others in our collections) because it was an ethically sourced Montana sapphire. As the name suggests, these beauties come from the wild and awe-inspiring planes of Montana. Sapphires gathered from that rugged and blissful landscape are famous for their extremely unique colouring and unmatched clarity—making this family of sapphires one of our all-time favourites!

Why choose a sapphire for your forever piece? Sapphires are one of the hardest
precious gemstones—second only to diamonds—meaning they have the resilience to endure anything life throws at them. Also, the harder the stone, the brighter it shines.

Meaning that sapphires are nearly unmatched for their brilliance and they can also be cut and set in almost style. When you combine the unmatched craftsmanship of our favourite Toronto jewelers alongside the radiance of mama earth, you're left with a sapphire that will capture hearts for generations to come.