nick & brooke love story | #blubohobrides

my ring is the rose gold moonstruck ring and I had fallen in love with it as soon as I saw it. Its simple beauty and uniqueness were the two parts I appreciated most about it. the ring is made up of three small stones set on an uncomplicated band and I loved that the design used darker stones as well. when we started talking about marriage I let nick know that the moonstruck ring was my ring of choice and I'm over the moon (pun intended) that he proposed to me with it. I can't stop looking at it!

i'm excited too because my wedding band(s) will be bluboho's stacking rings. they will add that additional unique touch to my wedding ensemble that I love.

Nick and I dated in high school, but only for a short time. He had transferred into my school in our grade 10 year and we first got to know each other when we sat next to each other in Social Studies class. We had a shared "appreciation" for our teacher's train whistle that she would use to get the class' attention. He transferred to another school after that school year though and we lost touch.

Ten years later, working at a local tech company, I got an email of a new batch of employees that would be onboarded that week. Nick was part of that group! I reached out via Linkedin and offered to show him around the office (I may have had ulterior motives to do this). We caught on almost immediately and worked closely together, finding ways to be involved in each other's projects at work. We played on the company soccer team and dressed up as pirates together for our work holiday party, but most importantly we made each other laugh throughout it all. 

In April of 2017 we made it "Facebook Official" that we were dating, and I moved on to another company (Nick likes to joke that this was HR's decision). Since then we've moved in together, explored many different cities, Cannon Beach and Maui have been the most memorable, and gotten engaged! 

Nick - I proposed on Saturday, September 14th at Mackenzie Beach in Tofino. Brooke had planned this trip as a birthday present for me and she was so cute with how she planned it. She had booked and planned everything to a T, if you know Brooke, this wouldn't surprise you.

We got to Tofino on Friday night and it. was. POURING. I wasn't sure if I was going to get the chance to ask her that weekend. No one wants to get proposed to in a torrential downpour, right?

But us being us, we managed to have fun, even in the rain. The next morning, the rain continued, and we headed out to our surf lessons. We were hesitant to go because of the weather but we were SO happy that we did. Our instructor was full of positive energy and the wetsuits kept us perfectly warm. We walked away from that session with the biggest smiles. 

As we got back to our campsite, something miraculous happened. The weather broke. The sun came out and I knew this was the perfect opportunity. We got changed, and I asked her to go on a beach walk with me. "Bring the GoPro. Maybe we can film a video about our surf session as we walk."

When she grabbed the GoPro, I grabbed the ring and put it in my pocket. I felt like it was so obvious that it was there. I thought she would notice the box's outline in my pocket for sure. 

As we walked, I filmed a few quick videos, something to get her used to the idea that we would be filming on this walk and not to suspect anything. Eventually, we got to a spot where no one else on the beach was and I said we should take a photo of us in front of the waves. She wanted to keep walking but was happy to stop for a moment to take a photo with me. I set up the tripod, and instead of setting the timer for a photo, I started to film a video. Brooke noticed this, but didn't think twice about it until we were out in front of the camera. She told me the camera was filming a video and started to walk back to switch it to a timed photo. This was the moment I decided to do it. 

"Wait, wait, wait!" I called out as I grabbed the ring in its box from my back pocket. She turned around, saw the ring and knew right away. I got down on one knee right there in the wet sand and asked "Brooke, will you marry me?" 

It's a bit of a blur for the both of us, but she said yes, and did a happy dance. People sitting further down the beach noticed and cheered for us too! And we are both so happy because we have this perfect moment recorded for us to relive and for us to share with you. We hope you enjoy it!

Bluboho: what is your most loved thing about your partner?

Brooke: My favorite thing about Nick is how patient and kind he is. From the very beginning of our relationship Nick has always been able to be the calming force I need. On top of that, I love that he is always looking for an opportunity to make me smile.

Nick: My favorite thing about Brooke is how she loves so strongly. She is passionate about everything she does. When it comes to our relationship she is the one who has made our house a home. She is seriously the best person I know and she motivates me every day to be better too. I can't wait to spend my life with her.