stacking your story: how to build your jewelry wardrobe

Like a classic LBD or your favourite pair of jeans, your jewelry essentials are the pieces you’ll wear time and time again, becoming a part of your daily “uniform”.

For millennia, humans have partaken in the creative act of adornment with jewelry— an intimate and profound act of self-expression. The pieces we choose become an extension and a reflection of our inner being, and as we build a jewelry collection over time, those pieces accumulate like memories to mark our moments and milestones. 

We’re big believers in the art of jewelry stacking to build a collection of jewelry essentials that can be worn and loved for years to come. By choosing pieces with intention, we can create a collection that speaks to our souls, becoming part of our lives in small and impactful ways.

Beginning a collection may seem daunting, so we’re sharing some thoughts on where to begin: the everyday essentials. 

Click here to see some of our staff’s personal everyday jewelry essentials.

5 qualities your everyday jewelry essentials need to have: 

  1. Wearability: everyday jewelry needs to be comfortable and durable enough to wear daily, unlikely to snag, break, or tarnish. We always recommend solid 14k gold— by investing in solid gold for everyday wear, you can get better value per wear over time. 
  2. Versatility: we love everyday jewelry that can be worn and stacked multiple ways, going with your typical outfits and fitting your individual lifestyle. 
  3. Heirloom quality: for pieces intended for daily wear, we opt for solid 14k yellow gold or rose gold: it is durable enough to resist damage.

    Looking to invest in a future family heirloom, but need some inspiration? Click here to see our take on the classic gold love bangle.
  4. Timeless style: when it comes to building a collection of jewelry essentials, opt for classic styles over passing trends to ensure that you’ll love and wear them long-term.

    Remember, jewelry styles come back around every other decade! Don’t worry too much about being on-trend, and instead lean into your creative impulse and instinctive taste. Keep in mind that classic doesn’t mean boring— choose pieces with texture such as our peaks and valleys ring, revival stacker, or tree bark stability ring, personalize a timeless style like our loyalty signet or legacy ring with an engraving, and play around with novel combinations and compositions in your stacks. Ultimately, if you love it long-term, you’re on the right track.
  5. Sentimental symbolism: choosing pieces that feel meaningful and representative of your story increases their sentimental value, making them more likely to stay in your everyday jewelry rotation. Jewelry is a very intimate form of self-expression: worn against the skin, these adornments are ways of marking meaningful moments. 

Shop by meaning via our contemplation cards, or create your own meaning behind a piece— and write your life story in gold. 

The bluboho checklist for the ultimate jewelry collection: 


  • A hoop
  • Gold studs
  • Diamond studs